1. Doorknobs are natural self-disinfectants


Did you know REAL ESTATE FACTS that doorknobs are specifically made with silver, iron, gold, copper, and even aluminum to kill bacteria and serve as natural self-disinfectants? Well, now you know so you can stop worrying about hands all over your hands.

2. There is a town in Germany built over a meteor


A REAL ESTATE FACTS town in Germany named Nördlingen was built over a meteor that is said to be over 15 million years old. An asteroid hit the town over a thousand years ago, but the locals started building a town on the remaining crater far from being pressured to leave.

The town is over 1,100 years old. The result is a town that radiates out from the crater, which is in the center. As a result of the asteroid, the town and surrounding area have an estimated 72,000 tons of tiny diamonds. You can still see the circular layout of the town to this day.


3. The most expensive listing in America was sold at a foreclosure auction


The most expensive listing in the United States, a 157-acre plot of land in Beverly Hills listed for $1 billion, actually sold for a mere fraction of that price ($100,000) at a foreclosure auction. That is what happens when the bank comes knocking!

4. Rent in Lagos is higher Than in West Virginia and Iowa


Living in Lagos, Nigeria is not cheap. Rent in some parts costs more than some apartments in West Virginia and Iowa. The rent price for a 3- 3-bedroom apartment in Lagos can be as high as twenty-five million Naira (N 25,000,000)   per annum (in areas like Ikoyi, Ikeja, and Lekki environs) which is about sixty-six thousand Dollars ($66,000).

5. Red doors are symbolic of Scotland


REAL ESTATE FACTS In Scotland, there is a common custom of painting your door red whenever you pay off your mortgage. It’s safe to say that Red is their happy color…lol.

6. Old houses are a rare sight in Tokyo


If you’ve ever dreamed about buying a pre-owned house in Tokyo to save some money, you might have to rethink your plans. Construction is such a bustling industry all over the country that nearly half the homes in Japan are torn down 30 years after being built. In Japan, buying a pre-owned, resale house is almost impossible.

Most of the houses depreciate and more than half of them are demolished after about 30 years. There are four times more architects and two times more construction workers per capita in Japan than in the U.S.

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